Campaign Foundations: Building a Foundation for Winning Campaigns, on the Issues and at the Polls is a partnership bringing together a team offering deep and diverse experience in community and electoral organizing and IT development and administration. We exist to make the tools of computer telephony and the interactive web accessible to the candidates, campaigns and organizations who are working to foster a just and sustainable future for our world. offers a series of Hosting Plans and computer telephony services. We also offer training, email and phone support to help your campaign volunteers get the most out of the tools we provide.

We can put your campaign's phone number on your constituents' caller IDs. We can put your voice delivering your message on their voice mail.

Neither automated phone message delivery, nor your website will ever replace knocking on a voters door.

But everytime you leave your campaign website's url hanging on a door knob, your campaign can continue to engage the voter, deliver your message and enroll their contributions and volunteer energy long after you are soaking your feet at the end of the day. Every time your name shows up on a voter's caller id, you build name recognition and can help spread your campaign's message.

Building an effective internet component to your campign will require an investment in making your campaign's web presence accessible, current and relevant to voters in your community. Only you can appropriately frame your message for your community. What we offer is putting the technology in your hands that will allow you to do that. The tools we offer are designed to also get out of your way so you can stay focused on your campaign's message and building the relationships necessary to win your campaign.

Let CampaignFoundations help you leverage your limited resources to engage the voters in your district. Please call us today.