CF Partner Releases Module to Facilitate Joomla to Drupal Migrations

Today, announced the release, under the Gnu Public License, of its latest contribution to the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network, making CMS::JoomlaToDrupal available for public download.

Over the past few months, I have heard from a growing list of folks who are operating existing websites, hosting an archive of legacy material and bumping up against the limits of their starter CMS. Joomla has proven a popular Content Management System for startup websites on a budget. Here at, we host our clients' sites on another popular CMS, drupal. These folks who have contacted us do so having made the choice to migrate their existing sites to drupal to take advantage of its more sophisticated access control system and the hundreds of modules and themes that are available to extend and customize the system.

Problem has been, what do you do with the legacy content?

The old school way has been manually copy the stories from the old site, into the new site, one story or comment at a time. This is a most tedius process, made all the worse by the size of the legacy archives.

Bruce Dixon of approached us at the end of December, contemplating such a move; and contracted with in hopes of finding an easier way. The result is CMS::JoomlaToDrupal, a new perl module released this morning to CPAN, the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network.

The module offered in response imported BAR's better than 1000 stories and 10,000 comments into a new drupal database in far less than a minute. Writing the configuration which makes this process possible took less than an hour. It likely saved 30 hours of work salvaging the stories alone, never mind the prospect of abandoning the comments left by its users over the years.

Using this module permitted BAR's developer to test the waters, have access to his old content, while he worked out the details for the revamped site, experimented to find the right mix of modules, and hacked on his theme to prepare for the launch of the new site. And it permitted him to toss out his experiment and try again, if he had gone down a wrong turn. Then when all was right with his mockups, he was ready to pull a fresh dump from his legacy database (which as a wekkly publication, continued to collect content pending the migration) as he prepared for launch. is now ready to launch its new site this weekend. And in celebration we are releasing the module which made its comparatively painless migration possible to CPAN now as well.

As always, bug reports, feature requests, tests, documentation and patches are appreciated. The author is willing, by contract, to prioritize extending and further developing this module for those with a need for such. Let help with your web hosting and application development needs.