Campaign Hosting Package, Basic

SKU: cf_chp_basic / cf_chp_basic_install

Campaign Foundations is pleased to offer its Basic Campaign Hosting Package, complete with all the tools you need to launch an online presence for your campaign or organization, including:

1. The Drupal Content Management System to get the technology of the web out of your way as you seek to publish your campaign's content to the voting public. (Drupal powers this site).

2. supporters.cgi, offering the subscribe, donate and volunteer forms linked from the "support the campaign" menu in the right column of our sample site.

3. a mailman listserver to manage email lists and subscriptions in a way that will protect your campaign from having your site used to spam the public. We will configure the lists needed to serve your campaign strategy.

4. an account on our LedgerSMB accounting installation customized to support your campaign treasurer in keeping the books and filing the campaign finance disclosure reports. The link explains how to access and check out our demo installation.

For a $50.00 setup fee and $39.95 a month, you can host your website with administrators who understand the demands of electoral politics and who stand committed to serving your campaign's needs. Add this item to your cart to pay your installation fee and to authorize monthly charges to cover the hosting fees. (Note: all fees payable to: YMD Partners, LLC.)

To see this package in action, take a look at this mock campaign site. We hope you might also see how easy these tools are to use by reading these instructions for launching your web site in two hours.

Price: $89.95