Vote Empowers a Nationwide Committee to Hold Ongoing Virtual Meetings

Susan Dridi of Virginia authored vote to fill the needs of the Green National Committee of the Green Party of the United States. It has been used since May of 2003 along with an email list serve as the principal vehicle for decision making by the dispersed body. You can see it in action here.

Vote permits the Party's national committee to conduct meetings 24-7, to securely record votes of members on published motions, to archive the business and voting records of the Committee and to make those tools accessible to Delegates, members and should you choose, even to the general public.

Campaign Foundations is ready to host, administer and extend vote for your organization. In 2010, we were contracted by the Green Party of the United States to adapt their installation to conform with rules changes they had recently adopted. We can train you how to use it. We can discuss ways to build productive online communities which can deliberate and take decisions. We can adapt it to your needs. If your organization is governed by a board or membership which is geographically dispersed, let us help bring you together to accomplish your mission. Call us, let us help serve your needs.